GW 8.0.1
1st if needed, I apologize to resurfacing the long standing issue of Huge offiles directories.

Our Post offices have 5000 plus files in most of the subfolders under offiles.
Some files on the Older PO's are as old as June 1997 (Yes we started with WP Office 4.2)
We run a Maintenance task every Friday that Expires/Reduce all items older than 183 days, and Trash to 3 days it includes Received, Sent, and Calendar items.
I have ran the stand alone GWCheck manually and the files remain.
At one point I manually deleted all files in One folder that was older than 5 years. The next evening's check gave lots of errors complaining of missing attachments so I ran the GWCheck with the ATTCLIP option. This cleared up the errors on the next evening's PO checks and None of the End users have called about missing items, but if it was that old they may not know or realize it is actually missing.
On the Post office I'm focused on at this time there are 225 mailboxes and it consumes 49GB.

Please recommend a solution, or should we just ignore and add more Space?