We just deployed ZCM 10.3 (from 10.2.2) with no errors indicated on the server or workstations. A few hours after said update, though, clients started receiving errors that they could not authenticate upon ZCM Adaptive Agent refresh ("user authentication failed during refresh...etc."), at which time ZCM completely stopped working for them.

Now, nobody can login to the ZCM Adative Agent, as they receive an error "Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect."

I've completely unregistered/uninstalled then reinstalled/reregistered ZCM and the Novell client on a few workstations, and tried applying the latest Novell client patch (as per TID#5071490), all to no avail. We have a mix of Win7 and WinXP workstations, so this problem cuts across multiple OSes. The workstations successfully register upon zcm reinstall, but nobody can login to the adaptive agent.

Our user source appears completely fine and browseable from within the ZCM administrative portal, into which I can login just fine via LDAP, as a designated ZCM administrator.

zmd-messages.log is offering me virtually no leads.

Can anyone out there offer up any advice to get us running again?