I'm using 8.0.1 HP1 client against an 8.0.1 HP1 back-end.

I thought this had been fixed in 7.0.3 client, but it seems it got changed again.

Open your Address Book in groupwise

Now open the system address book

I believe the default behavior will have the "last name" column have an underline beneath it, and will have that pulldown box show "Inside Last Name".

Now, let's say you wish to find someone by first name.

So "normal" user behavior is to click that pulldown and select "Inside First Name"

Notice that it does NOT change the sort order though (Last Name Column is still underlined).

Needless to say you get VERY weird and odd results until you ALSO right-click the columns and select "sort by first name".

I'm 99% sure this was fixed in 7.0.3 (at least I remember talking to the developer and he changed the code during one of the beta cycles for it).

But perhaps this is a bug rather than a poor (IMO) WAD in 8.0.1?