So I created a ZCM boot 10.2.2 and put by base image on the root of /mnt/cdrom/xxxxx.zmg . The image was right under one 1gig. I edited the Main Script to look like the following

img pd1
img pd2

img pc1 NTFS

img -rl /mnt/cdrom/xxx.zmg

So that worked great. So i created the final base image which was bout 2.3 gigs and used that instead of the 1 gig base, and it keeps failing with the error "Encountered a bad file header during image restoration" don't know whats causing it. I am making the DVD's using Magic ISO and have copied good copies of the base image I know that works from my ZCM server.

Funny thing is when I use the boot cd to pull the base image from satellite server it works fine. Don't know if its a file size limitation.

If someone has any ideas, I could really use some.