ZCM 10 on SLES 10 SP 3. Windows XP workstations. eDirectory configured as a user source.

Once the ZENworks agent is deployed, I receive a message that says it installed successfully and I restart. I then login to the Novell Client and the ZCM login appears. I enter my eDirectory username and password and I receive the following message: "Windows Security Message - Unable to log into the ZENworks realm because the system has disconnected from the network." I also receive the same error if I click login from the "Z" in the notification center. Same error if I choose ZENworks Zone as the realm.

The workstation does show up in the ZCM Control Center under Managed Workstations. When I accociate the workstation with a Policy Package or a Bundle, the correct policies are applied to the workstation.

I have tried uninstalling the ZENworks Agent, running the ZCM AgentCleanup application, and reinstalling. Still the same error.

The ZENworks 7 agent was previously installed on the workstations and was uninstalled before installing the ZENworks 10 agent.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jason Rothwell