Upgraded a GW 7 system on Netware to Linux

it didn't like PO set as UNC so set it to 7101 (default)

When PO starts up

The port specified is alreday in use (B309)
MTP: Port 7100 is alreday in use, Terminating MTP listener
Press ENTER to continue

NB: I can login to GW via Client and WebAccess just fine!

However, I don't get any log entries (set to Normal) until I press Enter to
clear the above message

There is only 1 Domain and PO

netstat -a - shows 7100 is not in use if GW NOT loaded

If checked MTA uses 7100 (default)

soon as start just groupwise (MTA & POA) - I get a message saying MTP:
Wiating for Busy LISTEN socket to become available
followed by the above message