is there a CLNTRUST integration for ftp proxy
in work (or already done?)

Users just want do 'click-download' files from
within emails or web pages download links.

An I want to contol who pulls what. So I want to enforce
Proxy use in stead of making a ftp filter exception...

AFAIK the FTP Proxy must be served with this inconvenient
constructs with the '$' sign (or a substitute sign).
That is a 'better-then-nothing' solution for admins
and few power users.

But to explain common users, that they need to
construct that cryptic

ndsuser$ftpuser$ftphost with password ndspass$ftpass,

coming out to something like

..JoeR.Dept.location.mycompany$anonymous$ftp.updat es.othercompany.com
with password ndspass$joe@mycompany.com


It is really *no* good idea to tell that to your
users. It is faster to do all downloads yourself.

Well, how is the state of FTP Proxy right now?

Thanks, Rudi.