I have been fighting this issue for several months and have not really gotten anywhere. This is a NW65SP8 server that abends anywhere from twice daily to once a week. When it abends, WebAccess stops working. When you go to the WebAccess link it the browser just continually "spins" (waits) and nothing ever loads. A restart of Apache, Tomcat and the WebAccess agent do not fix it. The only thing that fixes it is a server restart. This started when the server was still at SP7. I updated to SP8 hoping that would resolved the problem. It also started while all GW agents were 7.0.3. I just updated GW to 8 SP1 HP1 and the abend happened again this morning after the GW update. CIFS was loaded on the server but we don't use it so I have unloaded it and taken it out of autoexec.ncf.

Please, I need another set of eyes on this one.

The abend log is attached.