We are still with NW65SP6 in a cluster environment and things are workin just fine, except that now we need to support Windows 7 and must upd to SP8. I'm concerned about updating to SP8 because browsing thru the forums, people run the appropriate post patches and follow the iprint tid 7003480 and still cannot get iprint to work. Also,(NW65sp8 coolsolutionswiki) explains CIFS requires you have a support agreement with Novell to obtain a test CIFS.nlm. iPrint & CIFS are main functions for us.

Will there be future fixes or is the only solution to upg to linux? If we are forced to leave netware i think it will be for windows not linux which is unfortunate,,, Think maybe it's better to leave NW65sp6 working as is and install a Windows server to support Windows 7? Any ideas?

Plese advice. Appreciated.