HP machine, WinXP Pro SP3 with Novell Client 4.91 for Windows, Spanish.
When call Remote Desktop, I can see the NW GINA logon, but when enter the user and pwd this message appear:

Mensaje de Seguridad de Windows:
Error de entrada imprevisto: Estado 3221226238

This machine is behind a Monowall box. Is important to mention que Dhcp server dont assign dinamic ip (for now) to the xp machine.
But I know the last known dinamic ip to xp, and keep respond to the ping from monowall.
As I see, the problem is: Windows dont renew the IP, but keep the old dinamic assing by lan-monowall.
Remotelly the monowall box was restarting but the problem persist.
For now, I wiil to call by phone to remote office to say the user restart manually the xp machine-