My first time installing ZLM 7.3 on a SLES 11 x64 server. Primary (first)
server in the zone. When I ran the install the first time, it got to a
point of 100% on the imaging install (task 6, IIRC) then hung (just
stopped). Left it alone for a couple of hours, but nothing changed. I ran
the uninstall (saying Yes when I couldn't authenticate with an Administrator
account that did not yet exist), then reran the install with the -i option
to skip the imaging portion.

That seemed to work fine. I continued with the configuration and setup
steps, and it seems to be running now.

My question is how to get the imaging part installed. Do I just rerun the
install script with out the -i option? Is there a way to just install this
piece? Do I have to run the uninstall script and then reinstall (I hope
not, as I downloaded/mirrored the Dell catalog which took about 3 hours)?

Thanks for any help.

Dennis R. Crowther, CNE, NAI
Manager, FSM Network Support
University of New Mexico