I don't know if this is the forum, but has anyone encountered problems
logging into AOL (AOL mail, etc.) via a browser and after logging in
you get a script error in IE and nothing goes further than that -
things happen in netscape as well.

A fix seems to be unloading proxy.nlm and then loading proxy.nlm withthe -cc switch which clears the cache. Things work fine for a few
days (as
the cache fills up again) and then the problems happen again with the
to AOL.

The machine is running BM 3.7 on NW6 with the BM37SP2 patch and the
BM37FP3A.EXE patch. I have another identical machine with BM 3.7 and
same OS but was patched to BM37SP1 and is running SP2 for NW6 and that

machine has the same problem with logging into AOL.

Other sites like Yahoo and other sites where you authenticate via SSL
or not
seem to work fine. The issue seems to be (I think....) that AOL's
(www.aol.com) is getting corrupted in the cache and when you clear the
a fresh copy of the page is cached. Their web page most of the time
downloads to your machine some streaming video of the "AOL guy"
commercial which may be an issue with caching but who knows. Both
have three cache volumes 4GB in size each and are traditional NW6
(not NSS).

I bet I'm the only one having this issue but any ideas would be
Dropping the cache and reloading it can get annoying becuase internet
is lost when you do this until the proxy is loaded again (counting
down the
directories, etc.)