I have our domain and two POs already upgraded to GW 8 sp1. The rest of the POs and the webaccces server still in GW 8.0. Because of the Mobility Pack software that we are installing very soon, I need to upgrade my GW system to version 8 SP1 HP1. I have a few questions because I could not find any answers on the Novell documentation (they all refer to the GW 8.0 documentation).
1. Do I need to apply the SP1 HP1 to the domain first in order to apply this hot patch to the rest of my POs that are still in GW 8? In other words, Can the domain stay for the moment in GW 8.0 SP1 only?

2. Is there any potecial problems after applying this hot patch that I need to be aware of?
3. Is there any documentation that specifically refers to this hot patch?

Note: OS is NW65 sp8

Any information that you can provide me will be great appreciated.