Yesterday we switched ISP's and now proxy doesn't work properly.

We switched from one ADSL ISP to another. Our ADSL modem connects to
a SOHO gateway which then connects to the "external" adapter of our BM
3.7 server, second adapter in the BM server services the internal network.

After changing the modem and configuring the router, changed the dns
forwarders and dns resolvers in inetcfg to point to the new dns
servers of the ISP. Resolution seems to be ok, inbound mail and browsing of our
website etc seems ok even via acceleration, but trying to browse out
is painful. Here comes the weird part.

We do not have transparent proxy enabled at all. If I disable the
proxy settings in internet connections on my winxp workstation, and enable
autodetect, webpages load lickety split for the most part except for a
couple of important sites. If I enable the proxy settings as per
normal (previously working configuration) and disable the autodetect, My home
page comes up reaaaaaaaally slow, and the odd page reaaaaaally slow,
but most don't come up at all or time out with bad gateways messages etc.
No amount of refreshing helps and mostly just makes things worse. I can
watch the proxy stats while trying to browse and they appear to be doing
their thing but nothing loadsin the browser. DNS is almost instantaneous,
xfer sucks!

Help? Any suggestions? Dynamite?

Martin Stepanek, CNE
122 Herrell Avenue, Barrie
Ontario, L4N 6V1
PH:705-739-0013 FAX:705-739-4045