Our primary DNS/DHCP server is running on an Open Enterprise NW65sp7 eDir 8.8sp5...or was.

From everything I could find, it seemed like the best plan of action was to delete all DNS/DHCP related Objects in the tree and make a fresh start. So I manually deleted them using C1 planning on rebuilding using DNIPINST -F and then restoring my zones.

That part went fine, but now when I attempt to run DNIPINST, (from any machine in tree) to rebuild the needed objects, all it does is indicate "OK" on the console prompt, and "DNIPINST-6.05-17 : An error occurred while checking for the NDS schema. Error = -649." on the logger screen.

??? -649 ??? Insufficent Buffer ??? What's that and how does it relate to launching the utility on any machine?

I have run DSRepair > Global Schema > Reset local schema. No change.
DNS/DHCP cannot be removed. I get a fatal error when using the Installer in GUI to remove the service.
Installing to another server makes no difference.
Removing and replacing the replica had no effect either.

Obviously, until I can run DNIPINST, I can't get things back up and running again.
I have been all round the block searching for something to give me a clue what the NDS schema error is and what to do about it.

I'm out of ideas and need to have this back in shape for Monday.
Does ANYONE have any suggestions?