I have a new SLES 11 server that will run GW8. It'll replace a NW6.5 server running GW6.5. Before I can install GW8 I need to use ConsoleOne to extend the schema. Before I can do that, I need the GW8 ConsoleOne snapins. I don't have a GW8 software directory, and there's no c1admin directory in my GW8 download.

Where do I find them?

I tried installing the novell-groupwise-admin-8.0.0-84910.i586.rpm and NOVLc1Linuxjre-1.5.0-11.i586.rpm packages from the GW8/admin directory, but that broke C1:

ERROR: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no gwadj2 in java.library.path

I must be missing something simple.

Thanks for the help.