Dear All,

The last couple of days I've noticed some very strange things with the patch management mandatory baselines. They keep disappearing after a server reboot. I've been doing server reboots with trying to upgrade 10.3.

Originally I had assigned patches as a mandatory baseline to my Windows XP workstation dynamic group. A couple of days ago I noticed that the base line had gone. I then went to add them in again.

It looked ok for a day, so I did a reboot. No patches were listed in patch management at all.

Did a Subscription update and then they slowly began to come back. But still, annoyingly, mandatory baseline had gone against the xp workstation group. I'll have to go through the painful process of adding them in again.

Has this going something to do with removing the system updates e.g. 10.2, 10.2.1 etc from the system update as part of the 10.3 upgrade? (Still can't upgrade to 10.3a by the way, have another thread for this)

Please help anyone, this weekend has been a very bad one for ZCM (I'm not the only one).