This looks bad....maybe,, I don't understand it completly,

Situation is/was;
Moving user from one office/po to another office/po in the same tree
over wan/vpn.

Everything looked OK, move succesfull reported in the monitoring in C1
for checking the user moves

But,, I've got some strange issues / info here;

1. I got a list for the 43 people that was supposed to be moved.
2. I got in C1 a correct view for that PO showing these 43

BUT; running a gwcheck on the new po ( withouth "fix" checked )
that list (gwcheck.log) shows approx 25 names/id's and then 12 "users"
that all have names like;

pu070101.d gwpo-nks 04648 InMsgs 01378 OutMsgs
pu0c0101.d gwpo-nks 00529 InMsgs
pu160101.d gwpo-nks 01724 InMsgs 00678 OutMsgs
pu1f0101.d gwpo-nks 05250 InMsgs
pu3a0101.d gwpo-nks 00825 InMsgs
pu3c0101.d gwpo-nks 00963 InMsgs 00661 OutMsgs
pu3f0101.d gwpo-nks 00542 InMsgs
pu800101.d gwpo-nks 01293 InMsgs
pu810101.d gwpo-nks 04409 InMsgs
pu840101.d gwpo-nks 00580 InMsgs
pu850101.d gwpo-nks 01414 InMsgs
pu8f0101.d gwpo-nks 00888 InMsgs

To me, it looks like C1/Edir have the desired info correct, meanwhile
groupwise itself or the po at least, seems to have lost something in
the process..??

Setup is;
NW6.5/SP8, patched with everything and identical servers/patches.
GW8 SP1/HP1...

AND;, move has been reported successfull.....for each user and still
this difference between gwcheck and edir/c1 ??