As part of my 10.2.2 to 10.3.0a upgrade, I would like to test Deployment Stages using the "Advance to Next Stage Manually and Notify When Complete" option of Staging Behavior. To that end, I have configured the SMTP settings in ZCM and forced an error condition. I expected an email to be sent to my local account with the error information, but no such luck.

I've looked at various logs on the ZCM server, but can't find any SMTP entries. I've also look at logs on the mail server that should be forwarding the message to me, but there is no indication that the mail server is even receiving such an email.

The mail server is running "GroupWise Internet Agent 7.0.3," "GroupWise MTA 7.0.3," and "GroupWise WebAccess Agent 7.0.3." Unfortunately, we don't have a mail server support tech at this time--a long and depressing story--so there's no authority on-site who can assist me with this problem.

So, can someone give me some hints on how to trace this stuff?