Where do you guys deploy your virt applications with zcm (or other enviroment)?

I am thinking for maximum compatibility for future upgrades (win7).

1. Program Files: Seems like a good place, though with win7/vista UAC issues that I am sure ZCM could take care of. What about 64bit systems? Would have to build some logic to ensure proper installation if needed (programfiles(x86) or normal etc).

2. Allusers profile... this seems ok, a little off beaten path but not sure about UAC prompts... Would rather put it in program files if there isn't 64bit issues....

3. Users profile: don't like this... if you deploy to a multiuser enviro the same file could be copied down many times, a waste especially since sandbox is in the user profile so unique configs still would remain if all users share the same exe.

Going to test a bit on win7 64 and see...

Any thoughts?