Old ZCM10.2 server gone, new 10.3 one setup.

Working on a rereg process we can push out in a controlled way.
Folowing TID 7000620 in making a bat that works, mostly.

Got it running minimized, have it running from a group membership in the login script, got the new cert in a public dir with the certmrg.exe and the bat.

Biggest issue is there is a cert popup in the last line of the bat (posted below)

Anyone know how to supress the cert popup while answering it yes?

@echo off
zac unr -f -u zcmuser -p password
\\server\sys\public\zcm\certmgr.exe /add /all \\server\sys\public\zcm\ca.der /s /r localMachine root
zac reg https://zcmserver -u zcmuser -p password

Thanks for yout time