Hi all,
just wanted to get opinions to see if I'm doing this the best way.

We currently have a Unix host that has an NFS share.
This share is currently imported into Netware 6.5, eDirectory rights are applied, and then made available to external users via Netstorage.

We wish to replace the Netware servers with Linux OES SP2 Servers.

Install OES SP2 with:
NFS Client

1. Mount the NFS share to the local Linux OES File System eg. /mnt/nfsmount

2. Create a NCP Share for /mnt/nfsmount called "\NCPShare"

3. Apply eDirectory rights to "\NCPShare"

4. Map users login script to the "\NCPShare" for access via Netstorage.

I have done this and it all seems to work.

Just wanted to get peoples opinions to see if I'm doing it right.

PS: I have tried using the iManager NFS plugin but I always get:
Error: Failed to initailize data for the selected NFS Server

Thanks in advance