Hi all,

we are starting work towards getting off and going to 10.2.2, not going anywhere near 10.3 for a few months, we learnt our lesson.

anyway, down to the crux of the issue.

in (internal Sybase database) we created a dynamic workstation group for each model of workstation using the rule "Machine System Product" "Equal to" "Latitude D430"
this works as expected.

in our 10.2.2 zone (external MS SQL database), we are doing the same dynamic workstation group and have the same rule "Machine - System Product" "Equal to" "Latitude D430", yet the rules are non effective.

During the Support Pack 2 for ZCM (10.2) update, we received the following issues logged

java.io.FileNotFoundException: sql-server/ldap_schema_update-10.2.2.sql not found.{}
java.io.FileNotFoundException: sql-server/discovery_schema_update-10.2.2.sql not found.{}
java.io.FileNotFoundException: sql-server/bundles_update-10.2.2.sql not found.{}
When viewing the device and clicking in the inventory tab, under the System: field, we are seeing "System: Dell Pentium 4 3400 System" instead of the expected "System: Dell Latitude D430"

Has anyone else seen this behavior ? or can point to a TID?

Thanks in advance