I'm trying to update my servers to version 10.3 and I have succesfully updated my first zcm-server without trouble and then I applied the update to my second zcm-server but I allmost instantly (about 20 sec) the update failes with the message "An unknown error has occurred during the deployment. Check the system-update.log on the device for details."

This is what the system-update.log looks like...

DEBUG;Running Pre-Install Commands;;
DEBUG;Getting content for PRE_INSTALL steps of update;;
DEBUG;Got 4 pre install commands;;
DEBUG;Running command: ${content.0.path};/opt/novell/zenworks/bin/ZENUpdater.exe;;
DEBUG;Running command: ${content.0.path};/etc/init.d/${content.0.name};;
DEBUG;Running command: /bin/chmod;;
DEBUG;Running command: /bin/chown;;
DEBUG;Getting content for INSTALL steps of update;;
DEBUG;Control file generated (/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/system-update/5010030000327d48854ff3bcc4b8f60a/update_commands.xml). Starting update (Update for ZCM (10.3));;
DEBUG;Launching system updater;;
DEBUG;Attempting to launch process in all sessions: /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/ZENUpdateWatcher.exe;;
DEBUG;Launching ZENUpdater with argmuments: -w -v -c "/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/system-update/5010030000327d48854ff3bcc4b8f60a/update_commands.xml" -g 1b175ed97b3b852959972804688139e7 -u -d 0 -r ;;

Doesn't say much to me...

Any ideas?