Dear all,

We're planning to do a migration from IBM SAN (FC) to EMC SAN (iSCSI). I am not sure even Netware 6.5 sp8 is supporting iscsi hba let alone migration process.The file system in plan is NAS (CIFS)- Celerra family (CX4). I will be greatful if some one give me a hint how to configure iSCSI configuration for NetWare and any documentation on this subject?. and also is it possible to migrate the existing LUNS from IBM SAN to EMC SAN? If so how?. We were also planning to use some existing file servers (p2v)the VM, Is there anyway to specifically bind the software iSCSI initiator to a specific nic?

Just a general question : how stable is the software iSCSI initiator for Netware or are there any problems we could expect or should take into acount?

Thanks for all the info.