I am running GroupWise 7.03 HP1 on single NetWare 6.5 SP7 server with the database files on NSS volume. I plan to upgrade to GroupWise 8 on the existing server with the steps below. Can someone review the steps and see if that is the proper way to do that?

1. Install NW6.5 SP8 on the GroupWise server
2. Download gw800_full_nlmwin_multi.exe and run the install to upgrade the MTA, POA, GWIA & WA.
3. Download gw801HP_full_nlmwin_multi.zip and run the patch to upgrade the Groupwise system to v8.01HP1.
4. I will follow the steps by Danita to upgrade the MTA first, then POA, etc.
5. No client auto-update as I like to ensure everything is working on the server before I upgrade the client.

This way, the server will be patched to the latest version.

I assume GW 8 will perform well on NetWare platform.

Any other suggestions?