We have a problem with our proxy and really aren't sure what to do
about it.
On our network we have internal DNS and external, the internal sits on
main administration server and points to our intranet and webpage at
"in.example.com"the external sits on border and points to our websitethrough "www.example.com" This was working fine until we enabled the
on Bordermanager a few days ago. Now the issue we are having problems
is from inside the network you can go to "www.example.com" but you
cannot go
to "in.example.com"....Before it was just the opposite.....which we
fine with, from the inside, before proxy, you could get to
but not to "www.example.com", from our understanding it was because it

becomes hung in a internal NAT loop....no big deal.....but now jsut
opposite....surely someone out there has ran into this
before......Thanks in
advance for all the help.

Rory Brantley