Ok we are upgrading from Zen 7 to 10.2.2 I'm trying to learn how to do the app objects and getting frustrated. Simple app deployment the iPrint nipp.exe I created a Windows bundle and under the Action > Launch tab I created a script for the desktop to map a drive letter to a Netware 6.5 volume/directory. That works fine. I then created another action to run a Windows executable, this is where it fails or doesn't complete. Under the command line I have Y:\nipp530\ippdocs\clients\win-xp\nipp.exe with more options set to run as dynamic administrator. Haven't tried with system yet. All it does is sit there. I have it set to continue on failure to delete the drive map but it never gets that far. Where am I going wrong? On every change to the bundle do I have to change the version for the desktop to update or is it like Zen 7 just refresh the Adaptive Agent?

Thanks for any help.