We've had this issue since GroupWise 7 was originally rolled out and were really hoping that upgrading to 8 would fix it for us. Here are the details:

- POA/MTA/Client all on GW 8.0.1 HP1
- User is currently in Caching mode, but in the past we have experienced this issue in Online mode as well
- Proxy list in the Proxy drop down only shows a few users to whom the user has access
- Multi-User calendar setup to show 5 users and displays correctly in Client
- File > Print > Print Calendar
- On Form tab, Multi-User is selected and clicking the Setup button the user selects the same 5 users and sets 5 Proxies per page
* Interesting Note: The list here is much longer than her Proxy list and includes old users who no longer even exist in the GroupWise System
- Multi-User Month Calendar is selected under Available Forms
On the Content tab, Appointments (start/end), Tasks and Notes are selected, and only Weekend days below.

When we Preview this, it takes FOREVER (probably 6-7 minutes) to open. When it finally opens, all users are listed except the user running the job. I have replicated this as well as found a few instances where I won't show up as well as one other user that I've selected (doesn't matter which user). I've tried Day view in addition to Month view and it still acts up. For some users it behaves better in Online mode, but on my PC I just get an all gray Preview window in Online mode.