I have roughly 600 managed workstation devices. I have the devices split up into 3 folders that represent the campus location of the devices. I have tagged the remote control policy to each device folder. The problem that I am having is that for some reason the policy is switching to the default policy of remote management instead of the using the inherited remote management policy on some of the devices. I have did a manual refresh of the zenworks agent and I have done a zac policy refresh on a device that is getting the default policy. Neither action forces it to use the assign policy.

I also removed the remote managment policy from all folders and did an increment of the policy and did a resasign of the policy to the device folders. I have not patch ZCM as I am still running 10.2 and the strange thing is everything was working fine a couple of weeks ago and then all of the sudden we notice some of the device was not getting the policy.

Primary Server: Windows 2003 R2 - 32 bit

Device: Windows XP with SP3