I have an issue with regards to ZESM and wpa. Does ZESM support access points that have wpa and wpa-2 as for security?

The reason why I ask is that I just added some new access points on our network and setup the new wireless environment to use wpa or wpa-2. When I try to connect to the new wireless network, the wireless laptop will remain connect when in an unknown zone, but loose connection once the zone is identified in a known zone. The wireless connection keeps dropping and reconnecting.

I have started with a test policy and test user and the above occurs. This kind of dropping of a connection even occurs with my normal user policy or test user policy. However, I do not loose any connection to my old wireless network that uses just wep. All my policies work find with the old wireless network.

Is this a wpa/wpa-2 issue with ZESM?

ZESM is setup on a Win2003 server and is at the latest version of 4.1. ZESM also communicates via ldap to eDirectory.

Thank you in advance for any replies.