My first language is french please bare with me if my explanations aren't very clear ;)

We've been running Zenworks imaging for quite some time. We're still using a Zen 6.5 server for imaging and we're now trying to setup a Zen10 primary
server for imaging. This server is install on Suse 10...

So far everything worked great. The zen server(primary) is up to date (10.3 with the latest patch).

We tried setting it up as our new pxe server and everything ir working well (we modified our switch config). Worstation are able to boot on pxe and the new kernel is loading perfectly.

Now we're getting to the not working part :

Once i'm at the bash prompt I type my usual command line :

img rp newzen10server //newzen10server/data/image/toshiba/imagetest.zmg

Now I get this error : "Image file path is invalid"

I said ok let's try it again but this time i'll use my old zen 6.5 server as the imaging server :

img rp oldzen65server //newzen10server/data/image/toshiba/imagetest.zmg

It worked 100%...

I searched for 3 days in the documentation and there's nothing to be found O_o

I did another test :

I ran my first command ("img rp newzen10server //newzen10server/data/image/toshiba/imagetest.zmg") but this time I went with a laptop on the same ip segment as my new zen 10 server. It gave me the message "segmentation fault" this time...

So this it it. I'm a bit confuse right now as what to do next. I know that there are log files that can tell a bit more about what's happening (pbserv or something like that) but found nothing special in it...

Does anyone have an idea ???

Thx a lot