I have a OES 2 sp2 server with a NIC bonding problem. It was working fine
and I went a messed with it. I had the two built in NICs on an HP DL 380 G5
set up for active/passive bonding and it worked fine. It's the same setup
as several other similar servers. Then I was in the network card setup in
yast looking at something else and noticed the bond driver option field was
blank. I thought that was weird as my other servers show
"mode=active-backup", so I chose that from the drop-down. And bonding has
never worked since on that server. Ifconfig shows that is looks like it is
set up correctly but there are 0 transmit stats, receive does increase over
time. Deleting the bond and restarting, resetting it up, etc, does not
work. Configuring a NIC to be standalone works fine, so that's where it's
at now but I really need the bonding working again.

Any ideas?

Todd Bowman
Senior IS Professional
University of Minnesota Physicians