I've got a ZCM10 server ( SLES10 VM running on SLES11 XEN server but I don't think that matters in my case ) which I've installed as 10.1 then applied 10.2 SP and 10.3 straight away. So it is now running at 10.3.

I also have Lenovo S9 netbooks with Broadcom NetLink BCM5906M Fast Ethernet PCI Express ( as per hwinfo ) that we PXE boot and image. It used to work before the upgrade albeigh was rather slow ( e.g. a couple of hours to upload an image, 2-3 hours for a multicast session ).

After installing 10.3 ( or should I say 10.2.2 and 10.3 as I haven't tried imaging in between those two but anyway ) imaging seemed to speed up quite a bit. I tried uploading the image from the same client ( tried no compression, speed / balanced options ) and it looked like it would finish in about 90 min. Except for it ends randomly with "connection timed out" error.

After this happens I cannot ping any host from the client anymore. Trying to start uploading the image again obviously fails immediately. Doing ip link set eth0 down then up restores the connection but imaging still fails, sooner or later.

I tried uploading an image to the same server using a desktop machine ( Realtek NIC ) and it worked Ok, took 20 min so seems reasonable. So I reckon it probably is the Broadcom driver or something else on the client side.

Any ideas what else I could check / try as I'd like my imaging back .. even if still runs slow better than failing ..