In ZFD we had the concept of "site lists" for fault tolerance.

For those apps that we did NOT use site list, we just duplicated the app for each site (since each site is a WAN site and has its own server and own eDir partition/replica).

In ZCM we have no site list. And, while I'm sure I could create/duplicate the app objects for each WAN site, it would be nice to simplify things.

So I can see I have a few choices:

a) Since the majority (and eventually all the WAN site servers) will be OES2 Linux, I can put satellite servers in the regions and then just upload the bundle content and have it replicated that way and then use the closest server rules. The only issue I see with that is I have to deliver the content via HTTP/S rather than a network-based UNC path (which our apps in ZFD currently use). Plus we actually rsync out the data to a standardized drive at this point. This would be for apps for "site lists"

b) I could use/set a system variable (either via login script, or some method) on the workstations that set something like the macros in ZFD based upon local subnet and have that variable referenced in the bundle. This I think would essentially kill two birds with one stone (basically would ensure that the bundle is delivered from the closest server and I only have to create one bundle now instead of like 40 of them).

Are there any other options or things I am leaving out?