ON TEST SERVER....Long story... had zcm 10.3 beta on sles 10. Removed 10.3 beta. Tried to install 10.2 -seemed ok, but couldn't access the ZCC. Uninstalled (and deleted all files that had to do with Novell-Zenworks and Novell-tftp) and tried reinstalling (MULTIPLE TIMES NOW).... keep getting the following:

I can rollback or continue. If I continue I receive the following:
The installation is finished........ but some serious errors occurred.

Unfortunately I know nothing about sles. I just want to get this on a test machine to mirror our existing setup - then try upgrading to 10.3 BEFORE doing that on our live environment. Any help would be appreciated. I have attached a very small portion of the install log (changed from .xml to .log so it's one big text file) - the entire file was too large.