I cannot get the HTTP proxy to work on BM3.7 (SP3, BM37F3B), NW6 (SP3,

TCP607j). The browser on the w/s reports "access denied because we are

not logged in". I backdated AUTHCHK.NLM back to SP2 as well; no
difference. If I set the browser to not use the proxy I can surf the
(set the 'enforce access' to off), so the basic connectivity is OK.

In NWADMIN32 the 3rd party filtering is set 'on', if I try to turn itoff NWADMN32 crashes and kicks me out.
Note also that this is BM v3.7 and I am used to v3.6
I would like to fix the crashing NWADMN32 program first
Any idea?
Geoffrey Mills