I'd like to see ZCM be more "compatible" with OES2

Specifically it seems I cannot put my primary server on OES2 because ZCM wants to use the ports that OES2 already has in use.

Now, I can change the ports in the ZCM install, but doing so will render the AdminStudio useless (since the docs state that admin studio 9.0 ZEN edition requires 80/443)

Now, I think ZCM 10.3 has admin studio 9.5 as does ZCM 11 (or so it appears), in which case I don't know if the above still applies.

Don't suppose it's possible to put a secondary IP on the OES machine, prevent Apache/tomcat in OES2 from using those ports on the secondary IP and then install ZCM so that it can use the native 80/443/8009 ports, just on a diff. IP?

And of course, better support for NSS for content repo via symlinks.