We've got a Bordermanger v3.9 proxy server which we use for logging, and to control who can access the internet.

Our client side is Windows XP Pro with Novel Client v4.91 SP5 and ZENWorks v7. Users run Client Trust from a shared folder on a file server, so it isn't installed locally.

I've got one laptop that can't get through the proxy to the internet. No matter who you're logged in as, you get a 403 from Border Manager, telling you that you're not logged in.

I've re-installed Novell Client. I've uninstalled and re-installed ZENWorks. I've re-registered the computer in eDirectory, and reapplied the workstation policies. None of this has helped.

To me it feels like a problem with Novell Client or with ZENWorks, but I'm not experienced enough with this stuff to know for sure. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?