Hello All,

I am a bit confused an a little out of my league on this one but here

I work for a school district who uses an upstream CERN proxy. I got
it configured just fine and verified that it works. Here is my issue.

Originally, all web browsers were configured to use an automatic
configuration script to use a "proxy.pac" file. I didn't want to use this. I
wanted to set the proxy in the proxy server windows and then lock the
users out.

When I use the "proxy.pac" file, things seem to work. When I use the
proxy server, things do not work. What are things?

I have a few internal web servers. I can not connect to anything
internal using the proxy server only. When I use the mini web server with the
proxy.pac file, I am able to reach my internal web server. This is
what I do not get.

So, I thought, just use a transparent HTTP proxy. That works,
however, I am not able to log anymore so this will not work for me.

There also has been some talk of trying to NOT use the CERN proxy for
every web site, so that we may skirt some of the way too tight

Any suggestions?

Tom Hafemann

PS. Yes Craig, I do have your book. :)