I have encountered a strange issue in that if I search for a word or phrase in a file at any level of the volume, from the root, down to sub folders, I get different results from 2 or more PC's.

Workstations are all Win XP SP2, Novell Client 4.91 SP4 for Windows
Server NW 6.5 SP6 with all post SP's installed.

I have ran a nss /PoolRebuild=POOLNAME and a NSS /VisibilityRebuild=VOLNAME

There is only one volume on this pool.

And I still encounter the same results.

As one example:
On my Admin workstation When I search the top level Folder of Closed Client folders for the word chronology, I get 2 files returned named chronfile1 and chonfile2, when I search from any other workstation (I have tried 4 different workstations at this point) at the same folder level, for the same word Chronology, I get multiple files with the Word in the File, but I do not see files chronfile1 or chronfile2. Likewise, the file names returned form the search results on the other workstations, are not returned in the search list ran on the admin (Mine) workstation. And yes, I am logged in as admin on the other workstations when running the search.

So far, this issue is only appearing on 1 volume.