I'm not even sure where to post this one...

A user has changed her name after getting married. I've changed her eDir
user name from JSmith to JBrown, and likewise changed her GroupWise
Mailbox ID from JSmith to JBrown. Set up a nickname JaneSmith
(Jane.Smith@ourdomain.act.edu.au), and fixed IDM links.

All works well, except she is now getting "phantom" email - email that
appears to be from ages ago (eg last year). Email has no contents if

GroupWise 8 SP1 running on SLES 10 SP3, but I had the same issue last
year running with GroupWise 8 on NetWare.

She is just deleting the strange email, but I am wondering what the fix
is, and whether there is some best practice for these situations.

I've tried recommending not getting married, but not getting a huge take
up rate...