We've noticed that from time to time, mta communication fails between
different offices in a clients network/wan.

It's allways related to the HQ and the failure can be between HQ and
more or less any other office.

Practice so far have been to down the MTA, rename MSlocal,
and then re-add queued stuff from 4,5,6 back to wpcsin

HQ is a cluster, so MTA and POA is loaded protected.
A couple of other sites, same thing, cluster with MTA loaded protected

But,, what we've noticed now is;
downing the MTA and the reloading it without memory protection starts
processing the queued files directly without the need to rename

So, unloading/reloading a protected MTA does NOT work
without renaming MSlocal and then re-inserting the files.
Unloading and reloading un-protected = MTA starts processing/working

Nw6.5/sp8, GW8SP1/Hp1,
all current patches (IP, java, nss,etc) = ok