Hi All,
I have a group of users in ARG, running Spanish version of IE6.
They connect to BM running 3.7 (over a IPVPN network) with latest
patch (FB3B), a proxy.cfg taken from Craig Johnson's. All other users

connecting to the BM server are working fine except from this one
location. Here is the wierd part: They can connect to a BM server
in the UK.
I compared the two BM servers as best I could and the UK unit is
V3.5SP3(?). That is identical to the BM server I was running before I

upgraded hardware and moved up to 3.7.

We can see (via debugging info on the console and the proxy logs) that

their is connectivity - we can see the initial request for the URL and

see the BM server responding back - but the browser screen doesn't
and eventually comes back with browser 'can't connect' generic screen.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I would like to point to the user's
as the source of the problem - except that they can connect to the 2nd