i have nw 6.5 sp8. this morning the server hung and on a reboot the sys vol will not mount. am getting nss errors the first being:

pool sys: system data error 20444(beasttree.c[2119]). block 0(file block 0)(zid0)

there are a few more after this one that are similar about bad blocks.

i ran nss verify on the sys volume and this is what i got:


cross linked blocks exist
name tree entries != named objects
object tree leaf linked list is broken
name tree entries exist with no objecrt


unaccounted blocks exist
volume system report 'number of files' in error
volume system report 'number of objests' in error
filename(s) could not be found in the nt
pool system reports 'blocks in use' in error
salvage tree inconsistant with object/name trees
a 'volume problem report' shows problems
sum of 'salvagable objects' != salvage tree entries

please help, should i run a nss rebuild??