I have a FreeRadius Server running on OES2 (not sure of service pack). I am building a new OES2 test server and went to the Novell Customer Center. I noticed my Radius server was expired so I'm trying to update the registration code.

I went to YaST and ran the "Novell Customer Center Configuration" utility, checked all boxes (Configure Now, Hardware profile, Optional Information, Registration Code & Regularly Synchronize...) then clicked next. The resulting "Contacting server... This may take a while" pop-up won't go away. I let it sit for at least 14 hours overnight and that pop-up was still there. I did some searching on these forums and found that it sometimes takes a couple hours but this is ridiculous. I verified that the server does have access to the Internet and has all outbound firewall ports open (Cisco ASA, stateful).

The registration process worked fine when I built the server last year and it worked fine on my test server yesterday. I want to migrate all my NetWare servers to OES2 Linux but not if I'm going to be having these problems.

Is there a way to manually register a new code so I can start updating the server again? Is there a manual update I can install to fix this glitch? Any help will be greatly appreciated.