I am currently on NetWare 6.5 SP7 and plan to patch the sever to NetWare 6.5 SP8. The server loads the QL2X00.HAM driver and the boot disk on on SAN. I unzipped the NW65SP8.zip files and I found 2 QLX200.HAM file in this zipped folder. One in NW65SP8\DRIVERS\STORAGE folder and it is dated Feb 26, 2008. The other one is on NW65SP8\DRIVERS\UNSUPDRV folder dated Jan 19, 2004.

Why the SP8 patch has the same filenames in 2 differnet folders? I am concern that the updated SP8 QL2X00.HAM will make my server non-bootable. I have QLA2340 Qlogic 64-bit PCI-X Fibre Channel adapter and it is using the QL2X00.HAM driver that is dated Dec 8, 2006.

Anyone has similiar hardware that uses SP8 QL2X00.HAM driver?

Thanks in advance.