I just checked the status of my Mobility Server and saw the following:
Pending Events From Device = 5
which is there since a few days. Changes from that user sync fine between mobile and GW, but it seems to me that 5 Events are stuck.

Checking the Errors over the webpage I see 5 errors of the following type:
EventID: 8e92... | DeviceID: dc1e... | ObjectID: 8e92... | Class: Contacts | Action: add

{"clientId": "11", "error": "Error returned from Sync Engine: 8e9227b53f3f11df816b00163e423bd0 \n \n 10\n False\n \n \n \n \n\n "}

Could there be a relation between the still pending events and the errors?
How do I release/resolve the not processed pending events?