Good day to every one.
I`m use VB.NET and GW COM objects to get address book and all its entries.
Here some code to show what I`m doing.

Dim objAddressbooks As AddressBooks2 = m_objAccount.AddressBooks
Dim objAddressbook As AddressBook2
Dim countAB As Integer = objAddressbooks.Count
For indexAB As Integer = 1 To countAB
objAddressbook = objAddressbooks.Item(indexAB)
... some code for checking logics
objEntries = objAddressbook.AddressBookEntries
For Each objEntry As AddressBookEntry4 In objEntries
... reading almost all properties of AddressBookEntry4
objEntry.Fields.Item("Last Name", FieldTypeConstants.egwString).Value
' read GUID from PAB
' read last, first, midle, full name field
' read suffix, prefix, greetng, title, salutation field
' read company, user id, comments, generation field
' read birthday, owner, office field
' read department, domain, DN, routing field
' read internet domain, personal website field


All works fine if GW installed on simple Windows as mail client. But when GW runs on NetWare system in that case rise memory read exception and all crashes. This happens not on same entry or same field.

Does any body knows what can it be ?
I will be very appreciative for any advice.
Thank You for replays.