not functional client options with german snapins:

I want to change the german version of GW-Snapins in C1 to the english version.
i tried to install a naked english C1 installation, and install GW801 Multi-language C1-Snapins with english was chosen.
Then the german snapins would be installed anyway.
I opend C1, C1 would be in english, but all parts of GW is in german.

Then i killed any files and folders that are called with "DE" or "german" from C1 directory, but the german snapins comes up anyway.

I didn't find any switches in the registry.
Changing nwlanguage in C1 for my user-object doesn't help.

did these snapins look for the netware-clients language
(Novell Client 2 SP1 fr Windows 7)?
or is there a specific file in C1-directory installed that sets the language?
will it help to download the english-only version of GW?

AND: Why did Novell need so long to repair a simple known issue????
Document ID: 7005344
Creation Date: 02-16-2010